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John Elway and Sly Fox Must Really Hate Tim Tebow

Critquing Elway and Fox, has this fan shocked

Coaches conspire week in and week out how to tackle their opponents. The conspiracy emerges as reality after the fact, when the scheme is played out for all those to see. Now that we have 3 weeks of scheming, we can dissect it to determine whether or not Tebow's passing game was handicapped by the scheme or not.

Tebows 73% completion percentage

Outside of the two drives that occured at the end of the second half of the Raiders game; Tim Tebow had a 73% completion percentage and two TD's during the rest of the game. These are the numbers that you would expect from the Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's of the world.

The last two drives of the second quarter are what led to Tebows passing percentage demise. Why? 1 rushing play for every 6 passing plays.

John Foxes passing scheme has for the most part lacked the continuity and balance that is a vitally instrumental of any successful passing offense. Putting Tebow in the position of being forced into ne predictable pass play after another, did nothing more than play into the strength of the opponents defense, while destroying Tebows completion percentage.

The thing that killed Tebows passing percentages has more to do with the adjustments Fox made in the second quarter. Fox has yet to beat any team this season with his second quarter adjustments.

Broncos verses opponents by the Quarter

1st Quarter - 5-2-1 (37pts vs 30pts)
2nd Quarter - 0-6-2 (20pts vs 97pts)
3rd Quarter - 3-3-2 (38pts vs 47pts)
4th Quarter - 3-2-3 (70pts vs 50pts)

Schemeing opponents, adjusting to the opponents, is something John Fox has been brutally horrible at.

How do you allow Tebow to record only 8 passing attempts in 4 quarters against the 24th average ranked passing defense of the Raiders and the Dolphins; and then force him to get into a frenzy of over 40 passing plays against the Lions 5th ranked passing Defense?

Fishy is not even the word for it. Is it any wonder so many Conspiracy theories are flying around regarding EFX sabotaging Tebow?

How do you pound the Lions 29th ranked rushing defense on the first drive of the game for 50 yards before two passing attemtps at the end of that drive force a field goal, and then decide to only allow your backs to run the ball just 5 times in the next six drives of the first half against the Lions 29th ranked rushing defense?

There is no way in hell you could conjure up a worst game plan for Tebow to try and execute in his second start of the season, while attempting to develope chemistry with his starting receivers, this is a luxury Tebow did not have against the 24th averaged passing defense of the Dolphins and Raiders. Allowing Tebow to only record 8 passing attempts in 4 quarters against them, and over 40 passing plays against the Lions in 4 quarters has the scheme of our two Johns wreaking a Mile High.

Seeing Tebows 73% completion percentage buried beneath Foxes egregious scheme in the Raiders game is no surprise to a guy who watched how Tebow became the owner of the NCAA Division 1A 4-year passer ranking record.

Seeing fan after fan and analyst after analyst get bent out of shape by the tainted small sample resulting from Tebows current completion percentage is indeed disturbing.

How methodical do you have to be to diabolically make the owner of the NCAA Division 1A 4-year passer ranking record, from the SEC no less look so horrible?

Completion percentage ought to be defined by chemistry and scheme

The completion percentage has more to do with chemistry with your receivers and coaching scheme than the so-called experts care to admit. Having two of the best receivers on the team, that you've already developed chemistry with jetissoned before you make your first start has to hurt.

John Elway letting go of Jabar Gaffney was one thing, but trading Brandon Lloyd, the best WR on the Broncos team for a 6th round pick the week before Tebow makes his first start is mind blowing for a QB who invested time and money to ship Lloyd down to Florida during the offseason to develop that essential continuity, chemistry a QB needs to have with his receivers to succeed at this level.

This youtube footage really puts into perspective the chemistry and continuity Tebow is missing out on this season as the result of having his two favorite receivers jettisoned from the team.

John Fox and John Elway have gone to great lengths in regards to putting on a clinic of what not to do.

When facing one of the worst passing defenses in the league, Fox decided to allow Tebow to record only 8 passing attempts in the first three-quarters of the Dolphins game, Tebows first start this season. Talk about an opportunity to missed to help hone in the QB's grove with the receivers.

If there was ever an oppportunity to get Tebow the passing reps he needed to get up to speed it was this game.

While carrying the ball and chain of Foxes scheme, Tebow has still managed to give Fox twice the wins he had before in just 1/3 of the games.

Fox set a horrible tempo with Tebow right out of the gate

Tebows first pass play of the season as a starter, had the left defensive end coming at him unchecked. The most important guy to block on defense, getting the greenlight to kill Tebow on his first pass play of the season, pretty much set the tempo for the rest of his starts.

Think about it, it was not until Foxes back was against the wall that he finally allowed Tebow to possess the passing reps which allowed him to get up to speed to the point of actually snatching victory out of the mouth of defeat in the Dolphins game.

Tebow did not even record his first pass in the Raiders game until the second drive of the game. It just so happened to be on 3rd and 16 no less.

Hell Tebow did not even record his first passing attempt and completion of the season until 3rd and long of the Chargers game. And even that was followed up by two deep passes.

How is a QB supposed to get into rythm when you have him making 2 of his first three passes on 3rd and long, while forcing receivers into long drawn out deep routes in the wake of 8-10 defenders stacked in the box rushing Tebow with their ears peeled back?

Where the hell has all the high percentae pass plays gone?

Kyle Orton made his living with about 95% of his oasses being high percentage pass play's, you would think that is how you would break a QB in who has yet to even practice with the starters, well you would if you wanted to do anything other than make him look bad. It is clear that Fox has taken an illogical approach in regards to executing a passing scheme that would allow Tebow to thrive, rather than having to try and survive not being killed.

EFX were hired to get this team headed in the right direction. Yet thus far what we have seen has been nothing short of a circus act~!! Is it no wonder so many are screaming sabotage, while seeing this team be hijacked by the two clowns?

John Elway and John Fox have what 50+ years of football experience at the highest level under their belt combined?
Could they have done a better job of trying to make Tebow look bad than this, while in an attempt to be politically correct about the whole situation of putting the fans in their place for having the nerve to dictate to them who starts for the Broncos?

When you see the debachery of the scheme, you have to ask yourself, what is the motive of it, it clearly was not the opponent considering how rather than exploit their weakness, Tebow was sent out to charge into the teeth of th eopponent time and time again.

The beauty of hindsight takes this matter and transforms the conspiracy into actualy reality; as the scheme has been exposed for all to see. It is what it is.

EFX have gone to great strides to make the owner of the NCAA Division 1A 4-year passer rating record, from the SEC no less, look so incompetant, that he was voted most overrated player by his peers, when in reality that could not be any further from the truth.

To be honest I don't know how to gener this story, whether or not to catagorize it as a tragedy or a comedy, because the way I see it, the laugh is on the two Johns stinking up the place~!!

Tebow has indeed been the difference maker this season.

Despite the fact Tebow in about 1/3 of the games this season has given EFX twice the wins they possessed with Orton, they are both still opposed to declaring him the future starting QB.

The two Johns have labeled Tebow a week to week interim QB, while IMO seemingly doing everything in their power to bring him down, while taking as politically correct of a tack as humanly possible.

Tim Tebow keeps showing EFX how it is done; yet EFX refuse to acknowledge the fact that Tim Tebow is in fact light years ahead of where Elway was when he started his 6th game. Elway has never rushed for over 100 yards. Folks keep talking about it being a different era back then, well Tebow is beating Elway at his own game as a scrambler.

So many said it couldn't be done, Tebow is however doing it in record breaking fashion. John Elway's longest run was 31 yards in 1989.

According to the Broncos media guide, in NFL history since 1950 Tim Tebow was just the sixth quarterback to ever rush for 100 yards and pass for at least two touchdowns in a single game. I wonder how many of the 6 had a QB rating that was over 98?

Tebow verses Elway

Tebow is light years ahead from what Elway was in his first 6 games.

John ELWAY 1983


~Elways completion percentage was under 50%
~Tim Tebow has twice the yards
~Elway scored just 2 TD's, Tebow scored 12 TD's

Tebow having twice as many yards as Elway and 6 times the TD's is not out of touch with reality given the two era's, Dan Marino had 7 Times as many TD's in first 6 games, while also having twice as many yards, it was not only the same era, but the same season.

Tebow has 1547 and 12 TD's with his first 6 starts. Tebow is averaging 257 yards per game. That is twice as many yards as Elway managed in his first 6 start span. Add to that Tebow has got 6 times as many TD's in the very same span.

Tim Tebow is on the verge of shattering John Elways 96 season record where he had the best TD record of his career (30).

He is well on his way to shattering that seasons yardage record as well.

In 93 Elway had 4,183 yards that was actually his total yardage season record.

This means all Tebow needs in the rest of his 16 game complete season stretch is 264 yards and 1.9 TD's per game average to shatter the legends best TD and Yardage record ever.

Tebow better than the rest?

When you consider how tebow stacks up against the rest of the QB's outside of the top ten in this league, EFX ought to be ashamed at the way they refuses to officially hand over the reigns to Tebow; to knight him if you will as Lord over this team, rather than aim to reach for an opportunity to pull the rug out from underneath him, by benching him for Brady Quinn, a QB who has had more than his fair share of opportunites prove himself.

To show just how out of touch with reality John Fox and John Elway are in regards to giving Tebow the red headed step child treatment that has Tim Tebow emerging as an interim QB rather than the actual future of this franchise, I decided to break down some other QB's currently starting in this league.

When you start breaking down the QB's in this league who are endorsed by their coaches and GM's as being anything other than interim QB's who would you rather have than Tebow in regards to your starter from all the 22 other QB's outside of the top 10?

Ranking-Player--AVE TTL Yards--TD's--INT's-Fumbles/losses

11 Michael Vick PHI------315----11----9----8/3
12 Joe Flacco BAL--------261----10----6----9/5
13 Matt Hasselbeck TEN
14 Josh Freeman TB-------265----10----10---2/0

[~15~]Tim Tebow DB-----257----12----4----5/1

15 Matt Ryan ATL---------253----14----9----3/3
16 Ryan Fitzpatrick-------248-----9----8----3/1
17 Jay Cutler CHI--------242----11----6----5/2
18 Mark Sanchez NYJ------230----15----7----7/5
19 Colt McCoy CLE--------235----10----6----8/2
20 Kevin Kolb ARI
21 Andy Dalton CIN-------215----13----7----1/1
22 Matt Cassel KC
23 Tarvaris Jackson SEA
24 Alex Smith SF---------193----10----2----5/2
25 Sam Bradford STL
27 Jason Campbell OAK
28 Rex Grossman WAS
29 Donovan McNabb MIN
30 Kyle Orton DEN
31 Matt Moore MIA
32 Blaine Gabbert JAC----161-----5-----4----7/2

Of the 11 QB's broken down above

~Only three QB's have more yardage per game average.
~Only one QB has less turnovers.
~Only 3 have more TD's, and that is with 2 more games started, kick in
Tebows TD average with two more games, then Tebow emerges to have more TD's than them all.

Bradford has only started 6 games this season, comparing his second season to Tebows first 6 starts and it really starts hitting home at just how good Tebow actually is when compared to the first pick of the draft Tebow was later selected in. Bradford is heralded as the Future of the Rams without question, yet the guy is 0-6 this season.

Total Yards
Tebow 1547
Bradford 1,456

Tebow 12
Bradford 3

Tebow 5
Bradford 7

Why Tebow is an Interim QB?

First half of the Raiders game outside of the scoring drive was a tale of two tails. Fox either ran the ball or passed the ball, balance and continuity with the play-calling was nonexistant.

The first scoring drive had Tebow passing out of the gate on first down, this of course set up a 32 yard run, which then eventually led to the 27 yard TD strike which revealed just how phenomenally accurate tebow can be when allowed to possess the continuity and balance a scheme ought to posses. Tebow managed to go 4 of 6 prior to the last two drives of the second-quarter.

Seeing the Sly Fox relegating Tebow to Zero passes in the 4th quarter, and only 5 passing attempts the second half of the Raiders game, where he went four of five with one TD, disturbes me, considering the reps he missed at the beginning of the season, and needs to bild chemistry with his recievers the rest of the season.

The 4th quarter would have been a great opportunity to get Tebow even more passing reps considering the Raider defense was religated to being held in check from pinning their ears back and coming at Tebow from a stacked box, after stacked box.

Tebow deserves more passing opportunities in a scheme possessing the continuity and balance that keeps opponents defenses in check, honest.

Tebow deserves to have a scheme that revolves around his strengths, that means his passing as well as rushing. Why is it that we had to wait 12 quarters until we seen Tebows phenomenal running ability unleashed? It is not as if John Fox was not familiar with the zone read, considering all the years he had to prepare for Michael Vic.

Tebow deserves to execute a scheme that has him targetting the opponents weaknesses rather than predictably going into the teeth of their strengths more often than not.

The Broncos fan base deserve it.

Is it really a Modern Day Cinderella Story

The saga of this Cinderella story continues, Elway the wicked elitist step mother, (he did not birth Tebow into the team) needs to get a grip on reality and how, because at the moment he is emerging to be nothing more than a deranged freak who refuses to hand the reigns of the Broncos over to Tebow without ambiguitous hesitation, a hesitation that cost this team at least 4 losses this season, maybe 5 when you consider the scheme the sly Fox drew up for the Detroit Lions game.

Fox and Elway are just itching to pull the trigger finger on Tebow, Elway admitted he was were ready to pull it out during the Raiders game. Their agenda to sabotage Tebow in order to yank the rug out from under him has flown under the radar for the majority of fans, but the facts speak for themselves.

How in the hell do you abandon the run after 50 yards gained by it on the first drive? 5 runs in the next 6 drives against one of the worst rushing defenses in the league? Really? Only eight passing attempts in four-quarters against the 24th averaged ranked team of the Raiders and Dolphins? Really? Over 40 passing attempts against a top 5 passing defense in the league? Really? Expecting a QB to succeed with the handicapp of having the teams best WR trading away for a sixth round pick just prior to Tebow making his first start? Really?

When John Fox say's "We can say its Tim's Fault, but we won't," in the light of what he has accomplished while wearing the straight Jacket of his scheme, makes John out to be a scapegoating coward IMO.

After 3 starts this season, I think Fox has gone to great legnths to put on a clinic for what not to do with Tim Tebow more often than not, Proving just how far John Elway and John Fox diabolically schemed to emerge as the one's who had it right all along regarding Tebow not starting this season.

Being opposed to Tebow starting, made EFX an opponent of Tebow. Now EFX had to opponents to scheme against each week. No one in their position is stupid enough to scheme opponents like they did, without having an alterior motive. Elway went to Standford for God sakes. The scheme has nothing to do with their stupidity, but rather their brilliance, a brilliant scheme clearly exposed.

John Elway has gone to great strides to hijack this fan bases rallying spirit behind Tebow, he has Broncos fan wanting to pick him apart in order to justify the position of their god John Elway. In a perfect world Tebow would need to be more consistent, but Tebow is playing in EFX's world.

A conspiracy emerges as reality after the fact, when the scheme is played out for those to see...<!-- / message -->

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An Aquired Taste, Makes for a Disgruntled NFL Fan

Texans love to do nothing more than crush the Jaguars spirit every opportunity they get. Texans may as well see this game as nothing more than being the closest to a Super Bowl as they can get at this point with
their prospects to beating Jacksonville after their 0-2 start never being so high.

The Texans know the impact of a win against Jacksonville will remove all doubts of the Texans being a pretender with the 0-2, not to metnion the labor pains born from the painful effect that the devastation from a hurricane unleashed. Last time I seen a team this Hungry was when the Saints charged to the NFC championship game, and with the prospects of seeing an 0-2 giant team make it to the SB last season, Texans may as well have a red carpet rolled out for their victory against jacksonvile given the fact that the emotional state between these two teams could not be any further divided on the spectrum of hunger.

"Houstonians still without POWER"

A win against Jacksonville would take the the Texans for the outhouse to the Penthouse. Jaguars have the power and oh do they know it, this makes the Texans hunger to possess it undoubtedly being the biggest factor in this matchup between two teams that have all the appearances of being equally matched otherwise.

"I don't think the NFC East can match up against AFC South teams when you put things on the line," Taylor said.

I am disconcerted as to the Jaguars fans and players being completely out of touch with what not only ails our team but division as well, Taylors lackadaisical approach to not only what ails our team but clearly our division speaks volumes as to my concern for this game. How delusional do you have to be to assume the state of the AFC South to be any where near the vsacinity at this point to the contending level that NFC East is at the moment?

Texans clearly have no delusions to what is at stake and where they stand in the big picture, this IMO makes the resolve they are bringing to the field of play, much more of a factor to this game than the Jaguars resolve which is obviously disingenuously maligned by a sense of entitlement, inspite of the atrocious redzone deficiency that is choking the life out of this team.

This is a tale of what the two teams are bringing emotionally to the table being the ultimate factor in this game. Jaguars mindset of being phat with assuming it is a contender, and Texans hunger to be contender again, will like many times before, be ultimate factor in this game.

"Going up and beating Indy on the road certainly ought to give you a little confidence," Del Rio said. "That's something you can build on, something our guys can gain some confidence from having that experience. We do have the ability to come back and put together a drive and win a game."

"We need to improve the way we open football games," Del Rio said. "We want to start fast, but no matter how we start we're going to keep playing . . . you can't bail out. If you stay the course then you'll have special moments like yesterday."

When you have JDR calling the performance we saw on Sunday, special, then it is clear that this team is being fed a load of crap, crap that is keeping it from possessing the hunger it is going to need to compete with a team that is clearly hungry. Seeing our pedestrian offense has this fan thinking the only thing special about the performance was its short bus special ultraconservative pedestrian philosophy on offense.

“I did. I really did. I thought the coaches did a great job of calling plays. I felt like when my number was called to make a play, I could make it,” Garrard said.

The official making what was clearly a lame call on Garrards failure to convert on 4th down on the last drive, ultimately led to the Jaguars victory and being more and more delusioned than even I could have imagined. I felt like when my number was called to make a play, I could make it? This from a QB who failed to score a TD twice inside the opponents 10? This is David Garrards definition of a great job calling plays? This is his definition of I did, I really did, when it was clearly the officials that did? 1 fumble, 3 ints and 1 TD and this guy has the nerve to say I did I really did? "I understand that you're not going to be able to run the ball for 200-and-some-odd yards week in and week out," Jack Del Rio said. "You're going to have to make plays and be more balanced, and when the situation dictates that, we'll look to do that." This is a man who has and is clearly aiming to forgoing possessing any semblance of a multidemsional deep passing treat with his philosophy to attempt to be multi dimensional only if and when the situation dictates it.   Is it there any wonder why this fan is so disgruntled, especially with JDR showing his true colors, that has him forcing his ultra conservative one dimensional pedestrian offense down the throats of a fan base whose pallat has been gravely denied its aquired taste of a more refined, modern and sophisticatedly multideminsional scheme possessing both a powerful ground attack as well as a vaunted deep passing threat on offense, thanks to the disalutionment resulting from a team being made phat with hype?  UUUUUHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG
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Jack Del Rio is a Freak


Squeaking by a team (we should have killed given Indy's difficient  defensive state) to be 1-2 thanks to what I would call a lame flag if I were a Colts fan at the end of the game to keep the drive alive for a 53 yard FG, does not change the fact that this Jaguars team is clearly playing with a back up QB who needs to be carried by the defense and the leagues #1 Rushing attack the past 2 consecutive seasons.

It was as if I was getting short changed by JDR playing his there is no way we are going to be forced to watch a the most methodically sophisticated aggressive passing offense in the league on my field of play, while forcing us to watch the most ultra conservative pedestrian passing offense in the league crawl down the field.

Talk about short changing the fans entertainment value. A coach once said, they come to see the QB's play. Jaguars philosophy goes to huge strides to keep its small market  from expanding by not getting it. Jaguars made it deep into the playoffs last year, yet you can't get the stadium naming rights deal done. Over 100 million dollars up for grab's here and JDR is doing more to turn away a potential sale, because companies refuse to have their names associated with a primitive and outdated philisophocal approach to the game that JDR insists on forcing down our throats.

Does JDR think people spend millions of dollars to watch a world class Professional football team play a peewee style footabll game, with drives that  take's 13 plays to go less than 50 yards? Pay millions to watch a team get inside the red zone and put on a clinic for choking week in and week out? Pay millions to watch a fullback positioned in the roll of a QB? David Garrards the 25th rated QB in the league's #'s for the season are  a 1 fumble, 3 ints and 1 TD in the last 3 games? JDR's attempt to pad DG's stats yesterday had the Jaguars coming up with only 3 points while being inside the opponents 10 yardline twice. Generic does not even start to describe JDR's pedestrian passing game...

I know LT and  Ronnie Brown have had enormous success over center, but that is no excuse to put a FB in place of a pocket passing QB. I am so sick of watching JDR's blockheaded antiPocket Passing QB philosophy, make what is clearly a contender nothing more than a pretender. JDR has singlehandedly been the biggest detriment to  prospects we possessed when we rebuilt this team after it was demolished by the salary cap when it was a fraction of what it is today.

JDR is demolishing this team's prospects with his sabatoging antics that are keeping the Jaguars explosive passing game grounded. JDR is a maniac,  there is no room in this league for franchises putting up hundreds of millions of dollars a year to allow their team to be run by a head coach that possess a phobia of pocket passing QB's.

Observations of JDR show clear signs that the man has severe psychological issues with the pocket passing QB. Having to share the Rose Bowl MVP, which is the highest honor that JDR has ever recieved, with the QB: may have been the straw that broke the LB's resolve to maintain a symbiotic state and relation with every position on the team as a HC.

It is as if JDR has made it his quest in life to make sure that a pocket passing QB never takes the glory off of his field of play, even if its his own,  and to that I say what in the hell does this freak have any business possessing any control whatsoever on any aspect of our offense when he has devoted his life in this game to destroy offenses and namely the pocket passing QB who has haunted him. You can take the dog out of the fight but as JDR has proven, you can not take the fight out of the dog.

JDR's whacked out symbiotic state has him clearly fighting behind the scenes as a head coach to not only attempt to shut down the opponents offense, but succeed at shutting down his own. This guy must think he is in heaven by possessing the authority to shutting down two Passing offenses at one time. Reality truly is stranger than fiction, I might be getting short changed on the field of play by my franchise, but the drama it possesses behind the scenes....  Priceless.

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